About us

Having started cooking at a very young age and inheriting a love of food from his Lebanese mother, owner and head chef Philip Human – aided by his wife Elena – has brought to Lemon Butta not only his passion for excellent cuisine but a hospitable spirit as well. It is this friendly and relaxed atmosphere coupled with a wide variety of excellent dishes that has kept their regular clientele coming back time and time again. Customers have grown to expect not only exceptional food from Lemon Butta but excellent personal service too and creating long lasting relationships with customers is important to this husband and wife team.

Seating 230, Lemon Butta is the perfect venue for functions and its open plan deck area is the perfect place to wile away a summer afternoon.

Lemon-Butta Capetown: About us

Have you ever travelled to a completely new place and had trouble finding out where you want to go? Since your surroundings are unfamiliar, it makes sense to be a little lost and not know the best route in terms of exploring a new place. Finding the right place to eat, in particular, is quite difficult as well. 

However, when you visit South Africa, you will not have this problem. With our help here in Lemon-Butta Capetown, you should be able to try lots of different drinks and meals from South Africa. 

Our humble restaurant has been open for nearly 20 years now, and since then it has been a long journey to get to where we are today. A simple stall was where it all began, and it became our dream to eventually open a restaurant and serve locals and tourists alike. 

At first, we started by serving South African desserts and pastries. It was a hit with the customers because it was easy to eat and cheaper compared to malls or other larger shops. As our income increased, it became our mission to keep going and start to add more items to our menu. 

It was a difficult process, but we were able to eventually hire more people and add items to our menu. An expansion was soon an option for us and we were able to find a new place to relocate right in the middle of Capetown. This allowed us to be in the centre of the city where lots of tourists could be able to see us. 

So, if you ever find yourself in South Africa, we hope that you find the time to visit us. Rest assured you and your companions will have a great time trying the local food and mingling with the rest of the customers. 

Why you should dine with us

Visiting a new country means exploring a place that you have never been to before, an experience that may seem scary at first but proves to be a wonderful memory. Going on a food trip is an essential part of a trip, especially since it’s your chance to truly get to know the culture and take your taste buds on a journey. 

One of the reasons why you should dine with us here is because you can have your fill of delicious South African and Mediterranean food. Whether you want one or the other or even a fusion of the two, you can have it here at Lemon-Butta Capetown. 

From traditional minced meats and sausages to the more exotic Mediterranean dishes, you’ll be sure that you and your companions will have a wide variety of items to choose from. 

This is your chance to truly see what the locals enjoy eating daily! Exotic food may be daunting to some, but it’s a wonderful experience you need to try especially if you’re visiting South Africa for the first time.