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Lemon-Butta: Our lunch menu

When visiting a new country for the first time, trying the local food is something that everyone must experience. Being used to a certain type of food is nice, but it’s better to expand your horizons and try something new. Cooking styles, ingredients and spices can all be different depending on where you are. 

Here in Lemon-Butta, we pride ourselves on serving traditional South African and Mediterranean food. We decided to go with a type of fusion concept because it seemed like a good idea to stand out and offer something unique to customers.

Whether you’re someone visiting from another country or a local who wants to try something new, then this is the perfect place for you! Lots of different options are available and you’re sure to find something that you enjoy. 

For more information, you can check out our lunch menu below:


Other countries around the world have their version of barbecue. In South Africa, you simply need to take the time and try Braai for yourself. It’s typically made with chicken or pork and served with a type of marinade. The flavour can vary depending on the person or restaurant cooking it, but the way it is cooked remains the same, which is on a grill. 

When the locals in South Africa eat Braai, they usually come together and eat it. Think of it as a social gathering that encourages people to mingle and have a lot of fun. There will be several grills making the food and you can have a wonderful time with other attendees while eating this classic South African dish. 

Shrimp and lemon pasta 

While pasta is typically considered an Italian dish, you will also find it in Mediterranean countries and their cuisine. This makes it a lot easier for other people to try it and add their twist. Well, you can do exactly that here in our restaurant with our shrimp and lemon pasta. 

It’s made with thin spaghetti noodles and cooked in a hefty serving of olive oil. A generous serving of garlic, shrimp and lemon slices will be included as well. So, if you’re craving oil-based pasta that includes seafood, then this is the best dish for you to try. 


If you’re looking for a snack to get you through the day, Vetkoek is a perfect option. It’s essentially a large sandwich made with two buns stuffed with minced meat. 

Some people say Vetkoek resembles doughnuts while others say it looks like a hamburger when in reality it’s somewhat a mix of both. Either way, this sandwich is sure to satisfy your savoury cravings and help you keep your hunger at bay while waiting for the next mealtime. 

In fact, you can keep this sandwich in your bag and pull it out while you’re exploring the city. Some people eat it while walking while others reserve it in their bags for later in case they get hungry during the day. 


If there’s something that you need to try in South Africa, it’s Bobotie. This dish is iconic with the locals and almost everyone enjoys eating it. Whether you visit a home in South Africa or any of the local restaurants, there is a very good chance that it will be on the menu. The dish is made with minced meats and other various ingredients that are baked together. 

At first, Bobotie may look like a lasagna, but it’s closer to a type of curry. The meats are marinated perfectly and you can enjoy a portion as the fragrant spices waft out with every bite. 


Many people are surprised to know that Shawarma is a popular kind of food in Mediterranean countries like Greece. In South Africa, the locals enjoy eating it as well because of the complex flavours and how it goes well with both rice and bread. Shawarma can come in different forms, but it usually uses pork, chicken or lamb. 

When you dine with us here at Lemon-Butta Capetown, you can choose how your shawarma will be served. Some people like it plain while others enjoy it with pita bread and some sauces. Enjoy this fusion dish and taste the flavours of different cultures together in one plate! Adding your own twist to it will make the meal more enjoyable. 


Since the locals in South Africa enjoy eating sausages, Biltong is one of them, but it’s served differently. These sausages are dried up and turned into crispy snacks for you to eat anytime, anywhere. 

Out of the different options on this list, Biltong is one of the only varieties you can bring home with you. The dried state of this snack makes it easy to store and take back with you on a plane. You can also think of it as a type of jerky you can munch on. 


For all of the vegetarians out there, don’t worry because we at Lemon-Butta Capetown have you covered. We also serve vegetarian options here in our restaurant such as Falafel. It’s a Mediterranean dish traditionally from the Middle East but has been enjoyed by other countries as well. It may look like a meatball, but it has zero traces of meat in it. 

Made with chickpeas, tahini, onions, garlic and coriander, this dish is a must-try. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, this is a healthier option you can consider especially if the rich flavour of the meat dishes can get overwhelming. You’re sure to enjoy this versatile dish that can be eaten with almost anything. 


If you’re looking for a healthier option to try in South Africa, a serving of Shakshuka is sure to fill you up. This dish originates from the parts of North Africa or the Middle East and features a variety of vegetables topped off with a poached egg. Tomatoes and green peppers are the typical combination, but other veggies can be added as well. 

Some people say that this dish is perfect for breakfast, but it can be enjoyed any time of the day! It can be eaten with other kinds of meats but the flavour on its own is already delicious. One bite of this will send you to vegetable heaven! 

So, now that you know all about South African and Mediterranean cuisine, it’s time to book your stay here in the country and visit us. Our staff members in Lemon-Butta Capetown would be honoured to have you visit us and try the food for yourself. 

What makes South African cuisine special?

It’s important to remember that every country brings something different to the table. People often view South Africa as a haven for exotic animals and a place teeming with nature and wildlife. While this is true, there is more to the country than its sights and animals. The food is also something worth remembering. 

If you have never been to South Africa before, then there’s a good chance you haven’t had the opportunity to try the local food. There are some variations in other parts of the world, yes, but the real thing is something you must try. 

One of the things that make South African cuisine special is that it’s different from the cuisine of the countries surrounding it. The locals usually enjoy eating sausages, chicken and rice. You can compare it to Mediterranean food, but the flavours and cooking style are different as well. 

There are spicy dishes, but you can take your pick from less exotic dishes and work your way up from there. Dine with us at Lemon-Butta Capetown and we’ll ensure that you have your fill of some of the best dishes suited to your taste. 

You will notice that the dishes in South Africa are also different no matter where you go. While there are dishes that are popular in the country, you will notice that they can vary depending on where you go. 

For example, eating Bobotie will taste different when you have it from a street food cart and it will also be different when you have it in a restaurant or a household. The variety in South Africa is so extensive, you will never run out of things to try. All that’s left is to keep an open mind and taste as much as you can! 

Another thing that makes South African cuisine special is that it spans a long history of fusions and evolution. So, when you try the local food, you are essentially tasting decades worth of hard work from the locals. 

With all of this being said, we hope that you take the time to visit Lemon-Butta Capetown and witness the magic for yourself. South Africa is a place where you can unwind and enjoy delicious cuisine and gorgeous sites at the same time. Book your visit now and we’ll be waiting for you!

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